Information about Tubes


Tubes are a little like a roller coaster on the water but without the dips and drops and it can be as exhilarating or as relaxed as you want. Tubes come in a massive range of shapes, sizes and styles to suit your needs for a day out.


Tubes can be separated into two different categories, sit in or lay down. Sit in tubes are tubes that have designated seating positions built in the tube. The seats help hold the rider(s) in place while in motion and it can feel a little like get pulled around on a lounge chair. The sit in tubes we find tend to be favoured by people with junior kids or people are a little nervous and want to have a mellow ride, but they can still move for the energetic rider.


Lay down tubes are favoured for the more excitable riders, you can move around on the tube and shift your body weight to have a little control over them while in motion. Lay down tubes can also be towed at steady paces for those who enjoy a relaxed pace life.


If you know what style of tube you want to go for you can then also look at how big of a tube that you want. Tubes can range from single person sizes right through to four person or even bigger! It’s always a good idea to take into consideration how many you would like to tow at a time to determine what size tube is best for you. Some people also like to have multiple smaller tubes being towed at one time as an alternative and variety. A lot of people think because they have a lower powered boat they can only pull a one man tube, this is not always true as the bigger tubes have more surface area giving them less drag.


If you need any help selecting a new tube, please get in touch with our team and we can guide you to finding the right tube for fun.