Information about Wakeskates


Wakeskates are essentially a skate board for the water. They were originally designed as cut down wakeboards with no boots attached and over the years they have been shaped and created to be a close as possible and replicate the feeling of a skateboard on the water.

Entry level wakeskates are normally a thin and flat design with a thin layer of soft foam over the top for grip. When you look up in the range in wakeskates they will start to shape the tops out to try and replicate the concave designs found on traditional skateboards. Intermediate and some advanced level boards will still have soft foam top decks but they will start to also introduce the use of grip tape on the top. The grip tape tops are designed to give the rider more grip on the board and some riders will start to use shoes while riding to aid in grip but also to give comfort that is normally found on foam tops.

Another feature that many people pick up on when looking at wakeskates is the weight. Entry level skates are usually nice and light, this makes them easy to move and control. When looking at the intermediate and higher level skates the weight can significantly increase, the added weight give the skate more momentum underneath the rider to make advanced level tricks easier to perform and land.