Information about Wakesurfers


In recent years the popularity of wake surfing has grown immensely. It’s just like a day at the beach but without the need to paddle and work hard to catch a wave, the other bonus is that the wave can go on for as far as you can ride it. The chance to surf the endless wave is within reach. [Using a wakesurfer behind an outboard boat is very dangerous as you are exposed to the prop so best to stick with inboard boats only when wakesurfing]

Many inboard boats today can be weighed down enough in one corner to generate a wave big enough to ride on. Wakesurfers are shaped and designed to hold edge and ride these waves easier than a traditional surfboard. Wakesurfers are just like surfboards in their shapes, the longer the board the easier it is to catch and hold your position on the wave while also giving you a relaxed and easy ride, the longer boards are also great options for smaller wave sizes. The shorter boards are more suited to boats with bigger wakes and tend to require a little more effort to stay on the wave but they are a lot more responsive to your movements which make them ideal for the surfer who wants something to jump and spin on.

Please only wake surf behind inboard boats only, the exposed props on outboards and similar style boats pose a potential hazard for the rider.

Much like a wakeboard, the surfer’s construction and design changes with each model. This gives you a chance to find a shape to find the way that you want to ride the wave.