Beginner Kneeboard Tips

Kneeboarding is a tow sport that will always have room on the boat. Whether you’re a beginner or flipping like Franky Panno, the specialists in the sport have a board for you. This sport is straightforward to approach; especially you’re keen to progress into other sports. Starting tow sports with this division is ideal as it teaches people handle control without overthinking about balance. Getting up is a piece of cake when the board includes a handle hook, so you’re not concentrating on stabilizing the handle while getting up. Sounds easy, right? The hardest part about this sport is picking the right one, so how do we do this?

Starting out knee boarding or looking for a board for anyone new on the boat? You have come to the right place. Here are a few tips for beginners so that every start is a good start.

Select the correct kneeboard.
Now this one seems straight to the point and that’s because it is. Kneeboards can be hard to start on if you don’t have the right equipment. First thing to look at is a board with a handle hook, having one of these will increase your chances of success due to not needing to focus on stabilizing the handle while getting up. The second thing to consider is a plastic kneeboard. If you’re starting from a bank, one of these will endure the wear and tear. Check out our beginner kneeboards below.

Beginner Kneeboard Collection

Getting up for the first time.

  • Start by laying on the top of the kneeboard just like a surfer.
  • If you’re using a handle hook, place your hands on the rim of the board close to the tip. If you’re not using a hook, you can wrap your thumbs around the outside for the handle while holding onto the kneeboard.
  • Once the boat starts going, make sure you wait till you’re at speed and the kneeboard starts to plane to start getting up. Remember, it’s not a race.
  • Tuck your knees into position and pull the strap over your knees.
  • Pull the handle out of the hook and lean back in a sense that you’re standing tall. Don’t lean over the front kneeboard as this is not a stable position and will result in falling off.


Kneeboard speeds for beginners fast do you go on a kneeboard? This is a common question that we get and the short answer we provide is, well what speed is the rider comfortable with? If you’re starting kids on a board, please follow the guide below for kneeboard speed.


5-10 YR OLD 10-13 YR OLD 14-17 YR OLD 18+ YR OLD
16 KPH 16-24 KPH 24-32 KPH 32 KPH +

This is a guide only.


Okay so you have a kneeboard, but do you have the other essentials to start knee boarding? There are a whole range of things that you can add to your riding but there are only 3 important things.
1. A L50s Australian Standard Vest.
2. A Kneeboard Rope. Any Wakeboard rope is also ideal.
3. A padded kneeboard covers. This doesn’t sound important but after a long day its easy to drop gear when you are tired so this will save heart ache. Another good reason is for storage, there is nothing worse than destroying the kneepad because its rubbed against something it shouldn’t.

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