How to wake foil

How To Wake Foil

 Wake foiling has really become the new kid on the block. Everyone is looking for something new and fun this summer and it seems like this is it. Wake foiling isn’t a hard sport to so if you have both wakeboarding and wake surfing figured out but to anyone beginning, it can be a little funky to start.
We have put together a few tips for you so that you can start wake foiling confidently.

Storing your foil in the boat.

We are starting here because we get asked this question regularly. Wake foils are big and bulky so we understand that it can be a bit of a head scratcher to find a place for your new foil. The easiest way to store a foil is in a standard wakeboard rack. Just slide the board section into the rack with the foil either facing downward (if it has room and not touching the boat) or upwards. Some racks will prefer on or the other. When you’re ready to foil, make sure that you take it out carefully as you don’t want to hit the upholstery or the boat with the foil. Just before you go while you’re getting ready, put the foil upside down on the board side so the foil is pointing upwards.

To sum this part up

  • Put your foil in a wakeboard rack
  • Face foil up or down, depending on space
  • Before using the foil, put it upside down so the foil is pointing up.


What rope to use for wake foiling

Wake foiling can be done with both a 25’ surf line or a 75’ wakeboard line. When starting foiling, we like to recommend using a wakeboard line as it puts you back further away from the wake into the clean water so that you can get used to the feel and weight of the foil. Do this while you get used to going up and down without falling off. Once you have this covered, you can move to the shorter line and try foil in the wake like a wake surfer. You can throw the line into the boat and foil in the first, second or even the third wake.

To sum this part up.

  • You can use either a surf or wakeboard line. We recommend starting with a wakeboard line.
  • Once you are used to controlling the foil, move to a surf rope.


What boat speed do I use for wake foiling

Wake foiling usually runs at a rough wake surf speed, but you can go a bit faster if you are further out. When getting started, we recommend starting slower at around 7 mph so that you can get used to the feel before picking the speed up to around 10-12 mph.

To sum this part up

  • 7mph for beginners getting the feel of the board
  • 10-12mph when comfortable at a wakesurf speed.


How do I control a wake foil?

This is the real meat of starting to wake foil.  First, do not try and play with the foil. When you’re getting out of the water, keep your front foot heavy to keep the foil down and try cut out to keep tension on the rope. Once your out of the wake, keep the board down with your front foot and try skim along the water without any foil activation. Once you are comfortable, you can lean back slightly to feel how the foil activates and starts to come out of the water which will lift you. Do this as slightly as possible then go back down and readjust. Do this a few times then you should have the feel enough to start playing on the foil.

To sum this part up

  • Don’t rush it, keep the board down to start
  • Keep front foot heavy to keep the board on the water
  • Lean back slightly to get the feel of the foil
  • After a few tests, try get further out and have fun.

Most of all, have fun! If can be hard to get through the steps so if you want more information, call us on (07) 3856 6445.

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