Jake - Sep 21, 2021

Selecting Your First Water Ski


So, we’re all stuck, and you’ve decided to take up the sport of water-skiing. Either your friends are avid skiers, or you have invested in a new boat seeking to carve up the water in one of Australia’s lakes, dams or even a slalom course. With so many brands on the market all claiming superiority in the tow sport industry, how can you possibly make the right decision on the correct water ski to pick. Well, read a little further and hopefully we can at least make it a touch simpler for you. There is the option of calling us, but we know not all people are keen to have a chat. Here we go – it’s simpler than you think.

Navigating The Line

First, you want to take a deep breath and don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed with the huge variety of skis from all our major brands such as Radar, H.O skis, Connelly and more. Waterskiers Connection will only provide “Pro Shop” standard waterskis, so you can keep a clear mind that you are always going to get top quality gear. The brands have a selection of skis that cater to the full range of ability levels so therefore a simple 10 skis from one brand will turn into 40+ from all brands. Don’t be intimidated by which brand is best, just keep in mind that you are selecting the right slalom ski for you. I believe having the option of 3 gives you choice but not too much choice.
Second, let us guide you through the skis that the brands have to offer for beginners. Check out these selections and keep in mind these will all most likely suit based on your competence level. Let’s start with Radar Waterskis.

1. I'm a full beginner with little to no experience. Radar Session Waterski.

Wide body, stable platform, and easy starts. The overall idea of this water ski makes getting out of the water easier than ever before on a radar ski. Once you’re up, the extra added width to the ski will help with the wobbles when first standing up and starting your first turns. Now you have hit the water a few times and getting up isn’t so hard, the wake is the next challenge. Due to the Sessions All terrain foam which is the guts of the ski, crossing the wake is simple and smooth. Check out the Men’s and Women’s version of this ski if you are looking for the easiest and most guided waterski in the range (Our Opinion). Follow the links to check them out. Waterskiers Connection - Men’s Session Waterski Waterskiers Connection - Women's Session Waterski

2. I'm a beginner but I'm pretty confident. Radar Union Waterski.

The most approachable version of the Radar tree skis. When I say tree skis, I mean the Vapor series, Senate/Lyric/TRA Series, and the Union Series. So why is relevant? Well, they are all pretty much the same shape but the further down you go, the wider the ski gets. So, Vapor is the core shape of the series but far to advanced for a beginner. The Senate/Lyric/TRA series is next in line with 2 tenths of an inch of width added to the shape. Lastly, we have the Union series which is another 2 tenths of an inch added to the width. Get it? Okay now you’re up to speed, why the union waterski over the session? Well, if you believe you are competent with balance, and you’re interested is progressing further down the line than I’d throw this ski your way. The extra width to the high-end shape allows you to get up very easily, turn confidently and progress on a proper ski shape. This has been a very popular shape for entrée skiers looking for performance but still finding their feet.

Follow the links below to see the men’s and women’s version.
Waterskiers Connection - Men's Union Package.
Waterskiers Connection - Ladies Union Ski.

3. Look I'm just chasing for a good time. HO Hovercraft

Okay so when this first hit the market, I don’t think anyone projected how popular this thing would be. Is it a waterski? A wakeboard? A boat? Well HO created an apparatus that well defined easy, fun, friendly, different, approachable, sharable and everything you can think of into a single waterski. Popping out of the water isn’t even a thought with the size of this thing but the amazing thing is that you can still ski on it. With a concave that still cuts down the ski you can get on edge while having a bit of fun and maybe even jumping the wake (hot dogging if you use NSW lingo) all at once. Check out this super easy ski for an overall fun experience. Follow the link to check it out Waterskiers Connection - Hovercraft Black Waterskiers Connection - Hovercraft White