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Top Tips When Starting out Wakeboarding

Are you learning wakeboarding and want some beginner tips? This article reveals all, so you can avoid some silly mistakes. Learning any new sport is tough, and wakeboarding is extremely tough without the right guidance.

It’s likely you will fall a lot! You’ll discover muscles you didn’t know even existed. But, it’ll all be worth it in the end, when you’re zooming through the water with the wind on your face and adrenalin running through your veins. Read on for five essential wakeboarding tips for beginners.

1. Invest in the Right Gear

Just like any sport, getting the right equipment is paramount to your success. This doesn’t mean you have to get the most expensive stuff. But, trying out a few wakeboards is essential to find the right one for you. They come in all shapes and sizes and it’s a good idea to try out a longer board as a beginner, which helps with stability. Other equipment you’ll need includes wakeboard boots and a wake vest.

2. Decide if You’re a Goofy or Regular Footer

Goofy or regular refers to the stance you take on your wakeboard. Regular means the left foot is forward and goofy means you prefer riding with your right foot forward. Have a think which is your dominant foot when you play football, surf or take part in any other sport. If you still can’t decide, stand with your feet together and fall forwards. Whichever foot comes out first to save you is your dominant foot.

3. Keep the Rope Short in the Beginning

A shorter rope is advised for beginners because it makes it easier to stand up and you’ll hear instructions from the boat crew. It also makes the water more manageable, by positioning you in the part of the wake that is narrower. As you gain experience and confidence, let the rope out slowly to enjoy riding up and over the wake.

4. Resist Pulling on the Rope

Resist pulling on the rope when you want to get up from the water. It’s natural to feel you have to do this, but the boat will pull you up effortlessly with the right technique. When you have entered the water and retrieved the handle, get into a relaxed seated position with your arms wrapped around the outside of your knees. This will keep your body in a stable position and prevent you from going over the front or even smashing your knuckles against the board. Next, make sure you are looking up high at something like the tower of your boat, Bimini or if you don’t have either or these, a good cloud will do. Now you are in the essential position, it time to let the driver know you’re ready. A simple “YEP” will do. This is the part where you need to relax, make sure your arms and hands are firm but not pulling and allow your bottom to move in a sliding motion towards the board, naturally causing your knees to come closer to your chest. Once this happens the board will pivot underneath you and become flat on the surface. At this point stand up when comfortable. Feel free to practice this on land to get the feeling of being pulled and you not pulling. You are going to need a friend to help with this.

5. Keep the Handle Low to Your Hip

It’s tempting to hold the handle high as a beginner wakeboarder. This will cause another face plant. Keep the handle low and as close to the hip as possible. Focus on the forward movement of the boat and reduce your arm movement as much as possible. Practice your grip on the handle, before you enter the water.

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