Where can I Waterski & Wakeboard In Brisbane?

During this period where we are all stuck in Australia we have all decided to go buy ourselves and our families a boat or a jet ski. A question we always get asked is, where can I ski in Brisbane? 

No their isn't too many places to ideally do our sport right in Brisbane but their are a hand full of place that you might be interested in starting. If you are still waiting on your new boat or jet ski than we would suggest heading down and seeing our friends at the UQ Waterski and Wakeboard Club. They have everything you need to get started and really make you feel at home with simple lessons and instructions on how to begin each sport. They are located at St Lucia right by the University.

Can I ski in the Brisbane River?

Short answer is yes. People have been skiing in the Brisbane river for a very long time but there are a few things to keep an eye out for. 

  • Make sure you fully wash your boat after. (Salt isn't your best friend)
  • Pay attention to the time of day. (Dawn & Dusk should be avoided to be safe from the local marine life.)
  • Try ski away from the city to avoid city cats and other disturbances.

Another salt water river to ski in is the pine river just up north from the city. Please take the same precautions as the Brisbane river.

Fresh Water Dams

The most ideal place to waterski & wakeboard is at a Dam. These bodies of water are fresh water which is safe for your boat and gear and also has cautious marine life. A dam is where most of the QLD population will do these sports due to being both safe and clean. Here are a few Dams you can ski in.

  • Somerset Dam - 1 hr 20 mins NORTH of Waterskiers Connection (Brisbane)
  • Maroon Dam - 1 hr 20 mins SOUTH of Waterskiers Connection (Brisbane)
  • Moogerah Dam - 1 hr 20 mins SOUTH WEST of Waterskiers Connection (Brisbane)

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