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      Life jackets save your life. Make sure you wear one. Enjoy a new Follow or Jetpilot vest the next time you hit the water. Buy your next Life jackets online today!

      Wide Fit

      We like to say the HappyFit is made for those with a ‘keg’ and not a ‘six-pack’ but this vest is much more than just a larger cut. A more relaxed fit is less demanding on its relationship with the torso while the Side Flex Panels & Segmentation ensure the integrity of a customised fit and feel. Larger arm holes give a more traditional array of movement. If you’ve been feeling like other vests hug a little too tight, a HappyFit vest is the one for you.

      Slim Fit

      ProFit vests are built for round the clock performance and comfort. A tapered outline acts as a bond between your torso and the vest ensuring it is always playing its part in your protection. A complete stitch through foam panel provides the rider with mobility, flexibility, and motion.


      All life jackets feel and look a little different. This gives us a range of style and shapes to fit you and your look. With all these options, Life Jackets have different size guide so make sure you have your measurements correct.

      Around the chest is the main measurement for a vest but also take into account your weight and height.