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Life jackets save your life. Make sure you wear one. Jet ski specific vests made by Jetpilot and KGB are the gold standard of L50 vests.

Life jackets come in all shapes and sizes. Brands like Follow and Jetpilot aim to provide Australians with the best suited vest for every individual. How do you know which one is the one? Thats where we come in.

Shop the nations best life jackets here on Australia's Watersports Platform.

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1 of 2 things
1. You get injured and potentially drown or
2. You cop a decent fine.
Wear your vest and make sure its up to date.

If your new vest feels comfortable and was a piece of cake to get on, its too big.
Make sure its a bit of a test to get on initially.
Once on check there is no open space around your shoulders.