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Jetski Life Jacket Re-stock

Jetpilot L50 Jackets have been restocked for winter.

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      Life Jackets For Jet Skis

      Heading out this weekend on the brand new jet ski? Waterskiers Connection stocks a huge yet refined range of PWC vests so that you can get out on the water and know that you're covered.

      Level 50 Life Jackets

      L50 & L50s jackets are pretty much the same thing. The only difference is color. If you live in the state of QLD or WA then you need to wear the Australian approved Red, Yellow, or Orange Jet Ski Life Jackets.

      How Do I know If My Life Jacket Is Approved?

      If you're wondering if your life jacket is approved and ready to run then all you need to do is check the stamp on the inside to find the Australian Approved L50 Stamp. Make sure the life jacket does not say L50s or PFD Type 2 or 3.

      L50 (PFD2)

      L50 is the new Australian standard that took over the previous PFD2. For your Life Jacket to be legal and valid to use on a Jetski going 500m off shore or in any open water, you need to have on of these rated life vests.
      If you're wondering what the difference between a Jetski L50 vest and a Wakeboard/Waterski L50s vest.. It's only the colour. Different States in Australia vary so make sure you check your state regulations for wearing a Jetski Life Jacket.

      L50s (PFD3)

      So close but different. If you're looking to hit the water and travel on your jetski than this is the incorrect rating. Make sure you check the rating on the vest and your state regulation to be sure of what you need to wear.
      A L50s vest is for use in smooth waters such as Dams, Lakes and other enclosed waters.

      Life Jacket Measurments

      All life jackets feel and look a little different. This gives us a range of style and shapes to fit you and your look. With all these options, Life Jackets have different size guide so make sure you have your measurements correct.

      Around the chest is the main measurement for a vest but also take into account your weight and height.