Get your next kneeboard express to your door. Waterskiers Connection has selected the best range of knee boards for all Australians. We Aussies love this sport whether beginner or advanced. Check out the best range of fiberglass kneeboards here now. WSC approved. Supplying all states and cities right out of Brisbane QLD.


We always recommend kneeboards that have a handle hook on the front of it to make yours and everyone else's like a lot easier. Having this allows the rider to get up without needing to hold the handle and squirm up at the same time.

We recommend fiberglass kneeboards when attempting jumps over the wake as they have a rocker built into them that will allow vertical pop and cut edges to build momentum when approaching the wake.

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Kneeboard Purchase Guide

If you're struggling to pick a board, check this out to make sure you select the right one.

Buyers Guide
Beginner Tips

Kneeboarding is the ideal beginners tow sport to get anyone out on the water and have fun but also, learn to control the handle for further wakeboarding and skiing. Check out these tips to make sure your start us a happy start.

Beginners Guide