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Mens Wakeboards

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      Wakeboarders Starter Guides.

      Ahhh the question that is thrown around so much, it seems like everyone has their own answer which over time is starting to make things a little complicated.

      Here is quick run down on what size we believe you should go.

      First consider your weight. This is the first main factor, than next, what boat do you have? This question never seems to be added to guides but it is so important.


      If you are at the age of 16+ and looking for a new wakeboard, you will most likely be on an industry standard adult wakeboard. Use the measurements below to guide you.

      50-60kg - 130cm - 135cm
      60-70kg - 135cm-138cm
      70-80kg - 138cm-143cm
      80-90kg - 143cm-146cm
      90-100kg+ - 146cm +

      Boat Size

      Now you have a rough idea of your wakeboard size from weight, consider the wakeboard or ski boat your are using.

      Use this guide to adjust your size decision.

      22-23 foot wakeboard boat

      Consider going a smaller wakeboard size. With all that wake, you don't need as much surface area to help take off. Your boat is built to send you to the moon. Swing weight and timing is a benefit you will get from dropping from a 140cm to a 138cm.

      20-21 Foot Wakeboard Boat

      With a boat like this, I think its safe to say you can stay with the standard weight guide.

      Ski Boats

      Go up a size or 2, A good tip to think about is "more surface area means more lift". If you have a small wake, try accommodating with a bigger board.

      Other Boats

      Again, try the next size up. A boat that isn't build to form a wake will provide a wake with less oomph. Accommodate by sizing up.

      There is no real answer to this one. If you are looking for quality than you're already at the right place.

      Top Wakeboard Brands (No Order)

      + Liquid Force Wakeboard
      + Ronix Wakeboard
      + Hyperlite Wakeboards

      Other brands that we stock are good wakeboards but as most things help us to provide a budget range as well as the best.

      Rocker Types


      An earlier arc with a mellower degree will have a smoother, more consistent glide up the wake. A rider will be able to carry more speed up the transition and land tricks farther out into the flats. Not quite the straight up snap of its counterpart, but they’ll have a faster, more predictable, effortless takeoff.

      3 Stage Rocker

      An exaggerated rocker line with a later arc and a higher degree provides a more straight up explosive pop. This style of rocker creates more of an instant buck off the wake for riders that are behind a big boat wake. Wakeboarders riding behind smaller wakes will still feel like they are getting a solid kick as well

      Wakeboard Beginners Guide.

      A few tips to get started.

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