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Waterskiers Connection has an extensive range of wakeboards for sale for all ability levels from all the most loved brands such as Ronix, Hyperlite & Liquid Force.

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Whether you’re a wakeboard seasoned pro or newbie looking to hit your first wake, we have a board that will give you the ride of your life! Here at Waterskiers Connection, we stock a huge range of wakeboards that are quality, offer value for money and suit a range of skill levels. Some of the brands we stock include; Ronix, Hyperlite, Liquid force and many more. Have a scroll through the brand section to find your favourite.


There are so many to pick from so check out our helpful guide below or take the test above.
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A wakeboard blank doesn't come with a set of boot but you can grab some. If you want to mix and match, Click Here to go to our boot section or you can buy a pre built Wakeboard Package Here./collections/wakeboard-packages

Its the build of a wakeboard. A rocker determines how the board rides on top of the water and how it takes off after you hit the wake. The Standard rocker types are Continuous and 3 Stage.

Short answer here is no. Boat boards are designed only for boat and are made with materials and shapes to improve the ride. Cable park boards are made with wood usually that will allow you to hit features without damaging your board.

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