Womens Wakeboard Boots

Looking for women's wakeboard boots? Browse our great range of wakeboard boots for women from leading brands including Ronix, Liquid Force and Hyperlite. Order online for free express shipping Australia wide.

Waterskiers Connection - Wakeboard boots


Wakeboard boots a very hard to pick online but its always good to rally ready what you want out of a boot. Do you want a closed toe or open toe? Stiff or flex? You will find this information in the products themselves. First off just pick a look that you like.

The big question that we always get. The first difference is sizing. Closed toe wakeboard boots gives you a personal fit whereas a Open is universal.
Next the functionality. When you have a boot that fashioned for you, you will feel more support, and response from the boot.
Open toe has its perks if you're sharing the wakeboard.

Generally yes if the board has the M6 inserts. The major wakeboard brands that we sell allow to have other boots on their boards so you can mix and match. If you board is an other board it may be ideal to give us a call so we can let you know if your new boots will fit your older board.


With so many stores to pick from, how do you pick where to buy from? We could give you the same explanation as everyone else but what makes us stand out is we are wakeboarders like you. We ride it so we can give you the best advice.

Whether a new family with a rocking new boat or a seasoned shredder looking for an upgrade, we have you covered with all the best wakeboard boot brands such as Ronix, Hyperlite and Liquid Force.