Water Ski Packages

Water Ski Packages


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      Water skis have really come a long way in their time. From wood to glass and now into Carbon fiber. Waterskiers Connection has been here supporting and growing the sport in Australia so that you can ski on the latest gear, every year. Slalom waterskis are a single ski that is built to really get you low enough to dampen your elbow with some water, Popular brands like Radar waterskis, HO skis, and more have been developing and innovating skis to get lower and pass more buoys. If you're looking for the best waterski for you. You have come to the right place.

      Slalom Water ski Packages Online

      Waterskis online can be hard since you can't touch and feel the item. Waterskiers Connection makes selecting a water ski easier than ever by displaying them in a manner that will help you understand how it skis. Slalom Waterskis have edge-to-edge concave and are naturally slimmer to help get you to a lower degree so that you can reach buoys at a shorter rope length. The Key Features to look at in a Slalom Ski is:

      • Concave - Edge to Edge and Depth
      • Width - Naturally about 3-5mm Slimmer
      • Performance Water Ski Fin - Adjustable for seasoned riders.
      • Materials - Lighter and stiffer core for faster runs and core sustainability
      • Includes - Radar Vapor, HO Syndicate, Connelly DV-8
      • 80% Course - 20% Open Water

      Crossover Waterskis

      Waterskis Connection is a big fan of the "crossover waterski". This particular waterski is built for the daytime weekend waterskier looking to shred it up in a dam, lake or open water but also hit the course every now and then to improve and test their skills. The cross-over waterski is normally a little wider than a slalom water ski but can still perform well. Key features to look for in a Cross Over Waterskis

      • Slightly wider build than the Slalom Ski - 2-5mm wider for stability
      • Full concave with a shallower tunnel.
      • Softer Core for forgiveness over the wake or chop.
      • Includes - Radar Senate, HO Carbon Omni, Connelly V
      • 60% Open Water - 40% Course

      Social Waterskis

      Water skis come in all shapes and sizes to help any waterskier either get up or progress to the next level. Social waterskis are the type of shape that is amplified in width to both provide a stable ski and a relaxed cut. If you have just found skiing or only run in a dam or open water then this is the ski for you. Features of the Social include. This Includes Radar Union, Session, HO Omni, HO Omni Wide.

      • Wider Profile for stability
      • Shallow concave
      • Wide tail
      • Standard waterski fin
      • Soft forgiving core
      • 90% Open Water - 10% Course