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Waterskiers Connection has been the leader in providing the best waterskis from all the major brands for over 30 years. Get yourself a new ski from Radar skis, HO water skis and Connelly here. Free Express Freight.

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Waterskiing has been a staple of the water world way back when we were skiing on wooden boards. Look how far we have come. Water skis now come in 3 levels that make selecting a ski much easier.

Social Waterskis - These beginner or open water skis are designed to make standing on a stick much more comfortable. Wider profile and larger flats spots make getting out of the water a breeze and flattening off after almost stacking it life saving. Social skis mean increased room for error. If you're just starting out or looking to cruise, pick a social ski. An example of these skis are the Radar Session and the HO Omni.

Cross Over Waterskis - This is the mis tier water ski that grants the user the stability of a social ski but also the turning power of a course ski. Now make no mistake that although they do dis, they don't perfect either. This is a selection for someone hitting a slalom course a couple of times but also dams and rivers with friends. An example of this is the Radar Senate Collection or the HO Omni Carbon.

Course Slalom Skis - Built for accuracy and time chasing. These waterskis are designed to get you around buoys faster but also create a direct cut towards the next. If you're running a course more often than not or you just love to turn into the next dimension that this is the level you're after. An example of this is the Radar Vapor Skis or the HO Syndicate waterskis.

Looking for answers

First of all check the guide above. This will give you an understanding of what way to lean towards. After that it comes down to weight for size and core selection. Keep this in mind, the more expensive the core, the faster and more responsive the waterski.

Its no longer about sizing up the Waterski against your eye level. Its mostly weight. So if you're 70-80Kgs than ideally you will want to pick a 67" waterski. Or Check the size guides on the product page for more info.

Waterski Beginner Tips.

A few things to get you started!