About Us


Who Are We

Waterskiers Connection started in 1990 by the original owner Chris Grady and has grown from a small local shop to a National Watersports icon. Chris is an inspirational icon to the world of Watersports in the eyes many enthusiasts that have participated in this incredible sport. Major brands understand his growth and overall ambition to push the sports further and always stay ahead. 30 years isn't an easy feat in our little niche community so WSC will always recognise the struggle and time Chris dedicated to get us to where we are today. Waterskiers Connection has since changed hands to Jake who has been with WSC since 2015 and learned under Chris' wing.

WSC base our growth and success on our number 1 rule, Customer service and satisfaction. Catering to every single need to a customer and long time WSC family member is what it is all about for us. Our friendly and experienced staff are trained to not only learn all the best brands and products the world of tow sports have to give but also to fine tune each selection to get anyone just getting into the sport going or to push each individual enthusiasts riding further whether its chasing the next buoy or to your next complicated trick. Having our staff try each product and identify how each item would fit a particular need helps you as the customer get the right advice for your next piece of equipment.