Kids Life Jackets

Life Jackets For Kids

We hear the same question all the time when it comes to purchasing a kids life jacket. "Do I size up so that they will grow into it?" in short, the answer to this question is no.

"Won't I need to buy another soon if the vest is tight?"

Yes, as your child grows, you will be going through a few life jackets. It is easy to buy a larger size but this is a dangers idea.
A life jacket is specifically built to keep your tiny tot afloat and safe at all times while in the water. Unfortunately, when a vest is too big, it will raise up above their ears and push them below the water which then does the opposite for they vests intended use. Make sure the life vest is snug when fitting the jacket so that it gives the vest room to grow when wet.

"My child is saying the vest it too tight"

We love our kids but sometime children can over dramatize what is actually happening and how they actually feel. If the zip can get up without a real struggle, the life jacket is the right size. Let them keep it on for a few minutes so they can feel the vest expand as they wear it. Next, the vest will grow even further once it gets wet.

To finish off, life jackets are one of the only things that usually need replacing once they become too small. You will need to go through a few but keep in mind that kids life jackets are made to keep them safe. Make sure you check the size guides to judge correctly if the vest will fit than after receiving, try the life jacket on.

We hope this answers some questions when purchasing a kids life jacket.

Stay Safe & Have Fun.