Kneeboard Care Guide

Knee boarding is so much fun but we all know we get a little lazy when it comes to looking after our gear. Here are a few tips to avoid making mistakes when it comes to looking after your board.

1. Wash it off with fresh water at the end of the day

This is an easy one to miss but you should never forget this tip. Water has all sorts in it from salt, dirt and more that can affect the durability of the board and also damage the kneepad. Make sure you clean your board with a quick splash with the hose when you are done.

2. Keep it out of the sun

We know how this sounds but even though the sport is a summer activity, the sun is a big no no when it comes to looking after your things. Keeping your board out can make the kneepad peel off and also fade your board.

3. Use a cover

Simple on this one. At the end of the day we are all buggered and its easy to slip up and drop your new board on the ground and boom, impact damage that can lead to further issues. A cover will keep your kneeboard in good condition all year round and stop those nasty cracks.

 Obrien sozo