H.O. RAD 4&
H.O. RAD 4&
H.O. RAD 4&
H.O. RAD 4&

H.O. RAD 4' Diameter Disc

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Drop Stitch is a pretty amazing material we're using to create the RADs. This material allows us to build inflatable items that can be inflated to optimum rigidity while delivering the most durable inflatables we've ever offered. This innovative material is called Drop Stitch Technology and is achieved by joining two pieces of support fabric together with thousands of fine polyester thread lengths. Each thread is spaced evenly and all threads are the exact same length. Next an air-tight coating is applied to the top and bottom of the support material to ensure an air tight seal. The result is Drop Stitch Construction. Drop Stitch construction is capable of achieving levels of pressure equal to 20 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

RAD Discs

2016 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR – Boating Industry for its innovation, impact on the industry and creativity.

Before wakeboarding was invented, watersports pioneers of the 1960's experimented with objects to ride behind the boat. Some of the more successful riding devices were wooden discs. Grandpa would take a piece of plywood to his woodshop and cut it into a circular shape. The family would take turns 'discing' in between water ski sets. It was a great way to introduce people to riding behind the boat without the learning curve associated with waterskiing. 50 years later, we’ve combined the nostalgia of the past with the advanced materials and construction methods of today to give you the new RAD discs .The Round Aquatic Devices (RADs) allow anyone, regardless of skill level, to participate in a day behind the boat. Everyone is guaranteed to get up on the 5’ RAD...you can put the handle in the handle hook, sit, stand or kneel, and away you go. For a more advanced ride; go with the 4.5’ RAD or the even smaller 3’ RAD disc. The riding possibilities are endless, opening up a world of pure imagination on for your friends and family. Fun for all ages, the RADs are guaranteed to turn some heads on your lake this summer.


+ 4' Diameter
+ Durable Drop Stitch Construction
+ Machined EVA Traction Pad for unsurpassed foot grip
+ Handle Hook for hands free starts/riding
+ Kneel, Lay, Stand, or Sit- multiple riding options
+ RAD specific pump included
+ Nylon handle for steering when the handle is docked in the handle hook and easy re-boarding
+ Capable of holding up to 20 PSI

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